Wednesday, June 27, 2012

State Instrumental Musicians - 2012

Congratulations to all of the musicians that advanced to the State Music Festival held at UW-Eau Claire on Saturday, May 5, 2012!  Students performed in a variety of solos and ensembles at the District Level first, either on Wednesday, February 22, in Arcadia; or  on Saturday, February 25, in Osseo-Fairchild.  Students must perform music from the Class A Festival list created by the Wisconsin School Music Association.  The judging criteria is based on tone quality, intonation, accuracy, expression, and technique.  Starred first ratings consist of three or less points being deducted out of a possible 50.  Enjoy these photos of the students who participated at the State Music Festival!

Flute Choir - 2nd at state
Shandell Guthrie, Jillian Schaefer, Lynita Miller, Jordynn Anderson, Tess Johnson
Camille Miles; sitting:  Katelyn Paulson, Cassidy Myers, Sam Giese, Briana Sosalla, Sirena Dubiel
Missing:  Olivia Schaefer, Megan Borreson, Laura Runkel, 

Woodwind Choir - 1st at state!
Sitting:  Trysten Powell, Tommy Gierok, Cassidy Myers, Sam Giese, Tess Johnson,  Monica Skaar,
Standing:  Alia Standafer, Melaina Steig, Shylana Goplin,  Jillian Schaefer, Amanda Ringlien, Jada Schaub, Shandell Guthrie, Emily Fremstad, Lynita Miller, Jordynn Anderson, Zoey Matthews, Taylor Giese, Brittany Miller, Maranda Swanson,  Emily Herness, Skyler Cisneros, Sirena Dubiel.
Missing:  Yvette Peterson, Mykayla Beighley, Olivia Schaefer, Megan Borreson, Laura Runkel.

Saxophone Quartet - Trysten Powell, Alia Standafer,
Tommy Gierok, Melaina Steig - 2nd at state.

Shylana Goplin - Clarinet solo
2nd at state.

Zoey Matthews - Clarinet Solo
2nd at state.

Emily Herness - Clarinet Solo
2nd at state.

Trysten Powell - Bari Sax Solo
2nd at state.

Ronnie Lockington - Timpani Solo
2nd at state.
Clarinet Choir - 2nd at state
Front:  Mykayla Beighley, Yvette Peterson, Monica Skaar, Shylana Goplin,
Standing:  Amanda Ringlien, Zoey Matthews, Brittany Miller, Maranda Swanson,
Taylor Giese, Skyler Cisneros, Emily Herness, Kennedy Harms, Jada Schaub
Flute Trio - 2nd at state
Shandell Guthrie, Olivia Schaeffer, Tess Johnson

Musical Review - Teens for Hope Scholarship

 A delightful program of selections from a variety of musicals was performed on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. in the High School Auditorium.  It was a celebration of past, present and future stars of the stage!  Free will donations were collected totaling $550!  A scholarship fund has been set up and will be awarded to a local graduating senior who has battled cancer.  Thank you to all who donated to this worthy cause!  A special thank you to all of the performers who shared their time and talent to put on this show.  It was enjoyable for all involved!  Enjoy these pictures from the event.

Paul Laursen, Jason Molis, David Skoyen - "Greased Lightning" - GREASE

Jackson Standafer - "Consider Yourself" - OLIVER

Jordynn Anderson - "I Can't Say No" - OKLAHOMA

Carter Semb -"Ol' Man River" - SHOWBOAT

Paul Laursen, Jason Molis, David Skoyen - "Greased Lightning" - GREASE

Norah Youngbauer - "Gary Indiana" - MUSIC MAN

Kiera Kjos - "Castle On A Cloud" - LES MISERABLES

Mandy Speerstra - "Before the Parade Passes By" - HELLO! DOLLY

Nicole Herbenson - "A Little Bit In Love" - WONDERFUL TOWN

McKenna Pientok - "Part of Your World" - LITTLE MERMAID

Olivia Youngbauer - "Impossible" - CINDERELLA

Brandon Gjestvang - "Younger Than Springtime" - SOUTH PACIFIC

Kendra Goplin - "My Favorite Things" - SOUND OF MUSIC

Lt. Cable (Brandon) sang to Liat (Yvette Peterson)

Kaitlyn Molis - "I See the Light" - ENTANGLED

Jennica Standafer - "Tomorrow" - ANNIE

2012 Musical Review Performers

Hot Box Dancers - Emily Herness, Jordynn Anderson, Camille Miles,
Allison Anderson, Yvette Peterson, Amanda Ringlien

Alia Standafer - "In His Eyes" - JEKYLL & HYDE

Tristen Koxlien - sound; Hunter Kjos - video

Kendra Goplin, Olivia Youngbauer - never shy in front of cameras!

Jackie Goplin-director; Bonnie Herbenson-costumes; Richard Staff-accompanist
Krista Kjos-director; Eric Goplin-emcee

Monday, June 25, 2012

Junior High Jazz Band & Middle Notes Visit Nursing Homes

The Whitehall Junior High Jazz Band and the Middle Notes vocal group visited the Whitehall Tri-County Nursing Home and the Pigeon Falls Health Care Center on Thursday, May 10, 2012.  The two groups performed in Whitehall first at 9 a.m., then traveled to Pigeon Falls and performed there at 10:30 a.m.  Each group performed several selections for very appreciative audiences.  All members were then treated to pizza at Dodge Street Grill.  Mrs. Kjos, Mrs. Goplin and Ms. Shattuck would like to thank the Nursing Homes for the treats for the kids and for assistance in setting up for our performance.  We were back in school for 6th hour!  What an enjoyable day with well-behaved students!  Enjoy the photo gallery from our trip.
Junior High Jazz Band performing at Tri-County Memorial Nursing Home.

Middle Notes performing at Tri-County Memorial Nursing Home

Middle Notes getting into their choreography!

Ending pose for one of their songs!

Shad Goplin, Megan Kjos, Aime Stendahl, Presley Herman, Olivia Moats, Kat Laehn and Luanne Schwartz

Showing their style!

Jackson Standafer-drum set

Thea Bergerson - keyboard

Emi Hanvold, Alex Greenwold - trombone

Hunter Kjos - trombone

Emi Hanvold - trombone

Matt Lyga - bari sax

Faith Champa - tenor sax

Olivia Moats - alto sax

Presley Herman - alto sax

Alyssa Herman - alto sax

Shandler Herman - trumpet

Logan Marsolek - trumpet

Payton Slaby - trumpet

Emi Hanvold, Alex Greenwold, Hunter Kjos - trombone

Haley Harms, Maddie Moen - clarinet

Kaylee Spittler, Sarah Thorn - clarinet

Megan Kjos - clarinet

Taylor Anderson - flute

Girls show expression!

Maddie Geiger, Kaylee Spittler, Carli Stoutner

Nate Dubiel

Singing out!

Carli Stoutner, Michael Carroll, Mitchell Thompson

Groovy dance steps.

Middle Note girls.

Junior Jazz & Middle Note Members

2011-12 - Middle Notes

2011-2012 - Junior High Jazz Band